Weird News


March 19, 2016

A dog with two noses has been given a loving home. A freakshow owner from California called Todd Ray has adopted the cute pup called Toby, and made him part of the Venice Beach Freakshow in Los Angeles.

The little pup, who is an Australian Shepherd dog, was found by Todd walking the streets and now he has been given a new lease of life and is the star of the show.

Todd told Mail Online in Australia: "Everyone that meets Toby loves him,he's the sweetest dog on Earth."

A spacecraft has been launched to find life on Mars and it sniffs out alien's farts. The craft, which was made in Europe, has been built to pick up the gas methane, which could be a potential sign of life on the Red Planet.

The gas is typically created from the fouling of animals such as cows and from humans when they have wind. The Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) was launched into orbit by a Russian Proton and will be up in space for seven months as it sets out on a 300million mile journey to the planet, according to several reports.

A street artist has painted Kim Kardashian West's nude selfie as a 30-foot mural on a wall in Melbourne, Australia.

The artist, who goes under the Instagram user handle, 'lushsux', shared a picture of the impressive artwork to his account over the weekend and tagged the 'Keeping Up with The Kardashians' star.

However, angry locals have phoned up radio station 3AW, which found the piece after a resident was upset for not being told it would go up.

Lush Sux said he is responsible for creating the masterpieces and a few others, including one of American politician Donald Trump.

Of the Kim K piece, Lush told Mashable Australia, it had to be "in public, on a three-story high building. Maybe I'm as much of an attention seeker as she is?"

A man accidentally rode his mobility scooter along a busy dual carriageway last weekend. A 92-year-old gentleman braved the road rage with his four-wheeled assisted vehicle on a 70mph road in Crawley, West Sussex, after taking a wrong turn.

Police Constable Katie Breeds said: "He was very confused and really didn't know where he was.

"We sat him in the back of our police car and waited for a colleague in a van to collect the mobility scooter. And then we delivered scooter and driver back home to his warden-assisted accommodation in Crawley."

The confused driver was not harmed and is safely recovering at home after his not so scenic detour.