Weird News


March 21, 2016

An angry homeowner got annoyed with couples having sex outside his home, so he decided to film them caught in the act on YouTube.

Chamois Mightyram got so annoyed at the couple's making love in a park outside his house that he set up CCTV cameras to film their naughty antics and uploaded the footage of an explicit nature to the video-sharing site. One of his video clips has a caption, which reads: "Once again, people doing things in front of my house they won't do in there own place. When will they figure out the pole full of CCTV cameras are real?"

A man was left red-faced after he was forced to flash his skimpy thong to police officers during a strip-search.

The unidentified gentleman, who is believed to be from Brazil, was no doubt regretting his choice of underwear when he was arrested recently and ordered to pull down his pants in front of law-enforcement officers as part of their search. But it seems the police got the last laugh as they pulled up the man's T-shirt and discovered his cheeky thong poking out from under his trousers.

The shenanigans was captured on video and later uploaded to - which has racked up more than 32,000 views in just 14 hours - but it's not known why he was being arrested or whether he gave a reason for his lingerie.

A homeowner is being watched by previous tenants, a secret letter warns.

Alex Moss discovered a note left in his bedroom in Prestwich while he was redecorating the property that warned "I will always be watching you" and was left by the resident before him, who lived there in 2001. The letter read: "Hello, welcome to my room, it's 2001 and I am decorating this room. Hope you enjoy your life, remember that I will always be watching you! Later, Darren Lucas." Alex took to social media in the hunt for the author of the correspondence. He tweeted: "Having our bedroom floor replaced. Opened up the fireplace and was met with this... #finddarrenclucas #manchester (sic)". Within hours, previous tenant Darren Lucas replied and embarked on a full conversation. He responded: "@alexmoss I'm not watching, I promise ... . Enjoy Guest Road. What a house ... wait till the garden blooms in summer!" To which Alex said: "@D_Clucas yeah, I can see things starting to sprout now. Should I send a pic of the room once it's done or will it look weird for you?"

Great Western Railway handed out adult colouring books on select journeys last Wednesday

The locomotive company wanted to inspire travellers to take an interest in its 175 year history, and future, and enlisted the help of urban artist Andy Council to create the book. The limited-edition colouring book titled Iron Horses of the West, features quirky and intricate designs of trains set on a backdrop of southwest scenery.

Andy said: "It's been really therapeutic designing a book inspired by the routes and trains I travelled, through growing up in Bristol. I always gain creative influence from my surroundings, and to craft something which 'heroes' the West is something I'm really passionate about."