Weird News


March 26, 2016

An Easter bunny impersonator was caught in a brawl with a father. A scuffle between an angry parent and the festive figure broke out recently in a shopping centre in New Jersey, after the parent's toddler slipped out of her chair while taking a photograph with the larger-than-life rabbit.

Footage of the spat emerged on Twitter showing the two men battling with one another while others were attempting to prevent the fight. A source said the unidentified father verbally and physically attacked the 22-year-old masked as the Easter character, however, further investigations are currently in place to get to the bottom of the bust-up. At present, no charges have been filed between the costumed man and the father, although both men were rushed to hospital to receive treatment for their minor injuries.

A dog owner has spent more than PS30,000 pampering her chihuahua. Josephine Carter, 50, and her daughter Kelly have admitted to spending more money on their miniature 'glam' dog Queenie than themselves, including purchasing the pet clothes, wigs, bespoke furniture with jewel-encrusted detailing, carriers, luxury poo bags and beauty treatments.

Josephine - who owns her own dog fashion website, Licks of London - is quoted by The Sun as saying: "Queenie is worth every penny. I spend way more money on Queenie and her wardrobe than I do on my own. I just can't help myself, and when I can, I make sure we're matching, even when it comes to her poo bags. We're not silly with dressing Queenie up, if it's hot she goes au naturel, but in the winter she's so tiny, and gets cold quickly. Humans wear clothes every day to keep warm, it's no different for Queenie.

Queenie has the highest end beauty products, including her toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and doggy nail varnish, she always has to sparkle and loves being pampered."

The two-year-old pooch - who turns three in June - boasts 30,000 followers on Twitter, including TV personality Jonathan Ross, and after competing in competitions she has gained VIP access to all the shows. Josephine explained: "I can't take Queenie anywhere without people making a fuss, she's definitely a celebrity in her own right in the doggy world. By the time we get home, she can't wait to stretch out on her own black velvet chaise lounge, which is encrusted in diamonds and has pink lining to match the curtains in the living room.

"Queenie loves a nice long soak in the bath too, and after, she gets a pretty 'pawdicure', with special doggy-friendly nail varnish, which finishes her day off nicely."


A Swansea charity shop has stopped accepting copies of Fifty Shades of Grey after becoming swamped with issues.

The Oxfam store had to say "no more" after receiving "literally hundreds" of copies of the saucy books. Shop worker Phil Broadhurst joked that his store had become a "retirement home" for copies of the popular E.L. James series. On a Facebook announcement, they said: "We appreciate all the donation - but less Fifty Shades and more Sixties and Seventies vinyl would be good. (sic)" Phil admitted the social media post was having a big impact. Speaking to the South Wales Evening Post, he said: "I think it has spread because people like the humour in the appeal - and also there are a lot of people obsessed by Fifty Shades of Grey and by vinyl!"