Weird News


March 29, 2016

A gang of squirrels stole a steak from a student's kitchen.

The woodland animals have crashed Kingston University's halls of residence in Surbiton, southwest London, and made a swift getaway with a steak, whilst it was frying - although this is not the first time the bushy-tailed pests have targeted student food-filled kitchens. Speaking to Daily Mirror newspaper about the incident, a 19-year-old student, Eric Brain, said: "There are numerous problems with squirrels. If you have a window open when you're cooking and leave the room for a second, a squirrel will come in and try and take your food. Recently, one got in and took a steak I was cooking. When I came back in the kitchen, everything was all over the floor."

Another student said: "They've raided the shared kitchen in my flat several times in the past few months - they grab anything they can and shoot back out of the window.

"I came back from a lecture last week and found cashew nuts all over the floor, and the week before a squirrel came in through the window and just stared at me as I was cooking, like it was just waiting to pounce. There's quite a gang of squirrels around here who know we are easy pickings - it sounds daft, but it's becoming quite a problem."

A suit-duvet combination outfit has been created. Jurys Inn Hotels has designed a bespoke two-piece suit that can take you "from bedroom to boardroom in a whisk of a feather".

The 10.5 tog outfit is more Michelin Man than Alexander Wang but helps to highlight the fact that many people find waking up a daily struggle. Suzanne Cannon, head of marketing for Jurys Inn, said: "With over two-thirds (63 per cent) of us valuing comfort over style (58 per cent), and over half (56 per cent) facing a daily struggle to get up in the morning, we felt compelled to create a comfortable, stylish outfit to make getting up for work and tackling the day ahead easier. If there is enough interest in this one-of-a-kind prototype, we will definitely consider putting a limited edition run into production - after all, who doesn't like the thought of a duvet day, every day."

Adele reveals urge for Five Guys on stage

Adele stopped her concert to declare her love for Five Guys.

The Hello hitmaker interrupted her show at London's O2 arena recently to proclaim she had the urge to eat the American takeaway which is rated the UK's No.1 fast-food destination and has knocked Nando's off the hotspot. However, the mother of three-year-old Angelo isn't the only star who finds the juicy burger tantalising on their taste buds. Fellow musician Ed Sheeran has also publicly declared himself as a fan of the restaurant - which has over 1,000 varieties of milkshake. Ed tweeted: "Five Guys above everything (sic)."

Virgin Active was on a mission to get more people moving over the Easter bank holiday putting some real-life 'gym bunnies' through their paces.

People could have worked out for free at Virgin Active on the weekend if they put down their chocolate treats, pick up their trainers and burn off 500 calories with its 500-calorie challenge. A special workout was devised by Virgin Active to help people burn off 500 calories and counteract all that chocolate. The Easter-themed workout circuit included such as themed moves such as 'hot cross buns', 'bunny hops' and 'the laying hen'.

Gym bunnies welcome: Virgin Active is holding free open days over Easter weekend as it challenges the nation to burn off 500 calories on traditionally one of the most overindulgent days of the year, the company had advertised before the activities.