Weird News


April 02, 2016

A boy has been arrested for stealing a spaceship from a museum.

A teenager stole a metal and fibreglass version of a spaceship from the UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico - the site of supernatural sightings in the 1940s on March 19. The model, which was affixed to the front of the tourist attraction, had been damaged following a recent snowstorm and was being stored behind the museum in preparation for its restoration prior to its disappearance. It's reported that the teenager who was arrested on Saturday was accompanied by two others who assisted in the space invasion and helped haul the saucer on to a truck. The scientific prop was recovered two miles west of the city last week Wednesday, although officers are still searching for the accomplices.

A holidaymaker wore a week's worth of clothes to avoid baggage fees.

Matt Botten, 32, dodged paying PS46 for baggage by layering everything in his hand luggage - which exceeded the maximum allowance - that he had packed for his weeks stay in Iceland's capital, Reykjavik. Matt took to social media to declare his penny-pinching travelling tips. He wrote on Facebook: "We're going to Iceland baby! And how to do it in a financially frugal manner, without having to stump up forty five bloody quid for a hold bag? Simply by wearing everything I own. The massively padded, mufti-layered, vest-wearing get-up may have necessitated an extra 30 minutes of questions at security, but at PS45 a bag, I've effectively just worked a half hour shift at PS90 an hour. Winning the game." He added: "You'd probably think it would be massively difficult to get all this on n and you'd be entirely correct."

Female TV presenters couldn't contain their laughter when looking at an unusual hair accessory.

The Hot Bun hairpiece provides a base for you to wrap your hair around to form a bun but when it was taken out of the box the trio of presenters decided it resembled a part of the male anatomy.

In a clip that has now gone viral, the laughter begins almost immediately when the product being described as 'for blondes and a good size is displayed on American show Take Five and Company. One women says: "Good heavens, put that away. Put it in the bowl and let's keep moving". The reaction seemed to be expected with another saying she was looking at the product and knew it looked funny.

A baby peed on set of a family photoshoot. Newborn, Pryor, left his mark on professional photographer, Abbie Rogers, who captured the shot of the infant model having a pee on set of the shoot, which has gone viral, although a little toilet trouble did not stop the picture being taken.

Speaking to The Mirror newspaper about the accident, Abbie explained: "It started with soothing and feeding baby and posing him with Mom for the parent shots, which is what I always start with. Then of course we all know what happened next!"

She added: "After that, we just dabbed up the mess with lots of paper towels and kept on going. I'm sure it's not the first time one of their little guys have gotten them. We all had a good laugh about it, especially when I showed them the image later! I mean, I'm photographing naked babies for a couple of hours during a shoot so it's bound to happen at least once during the session."