Weird News


April 05, 2016

Air from Shoreditch is being sold for PS20.

Shoreditch Air has decided to start bottling up the invisible gas from the East End city of London - both in the morning and at night - and selling it to people online for the minor sum. The site's 'About' page reads: "We're Shoreditch Air and we bottle the finest of London's air. If you're missing home or would just like to get an idea of what London smells like, you've come to the right place. More areas and editions of London air coming soon!"

But the invisible gas won't just set people back PS20 as the firm is also charging between PS10 and PS20 for postage.

A woman was caught scoffing pasta while driving along the motorway.

A female motorist was captured on camera munching on the carbohydrate-heavy meal while whizzing along the M60 near Manchester Airport in her red Ford Fiesta at 50mph. Mariusz Kedzior, who spotted the hungry motorist and captured her greedy antics on his dashcam, told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "As a lorry driver, I have 11 years' experience of driving on the road and I have never seen anything like this. Both me and David were completely shocked by what we saw at first and couldn't quite believe it. That was why we just had to take pictures of what she was doing.

"David started taking pictures as we drove alongside her and he was doing it for a while, but she was so busy eating she did not notice at all. She was simply too focused on her food. There were lots of cars and HGVs around so the road was far from empty but, thankfully, it was not rush hour. I think it is a very dangerous thing to do while driving."

Talking in the cinema is the most annoying habit. Empire Cinemas surveyed moviegoers to discover what distracts them the most when watching a film, in an attempt to improve the experience for its customers.

According to its research, 67 per cent of Brits are most frustrated by loud talking, while the use of mobile phones ranked second with 49 per cent. Keen to answer the cries of film lovers, Empire is kicking off a referee service starting last Friday, which will crack down on cinema fouls such as noisy eating and texting. Jon Nutton, marketing director of Empire Cinemas, said: "Our primary goal is to guarantee our customers have the ultimate cinema experience and cinema etiquette plays a huge part in this." The film wardens will be present in select film screenings, handing out yellow and red cards to disruptive customers.

A baby has given a peace sign from within the womb.

The unborn tot was spotted by the ultrasound technician putting its digits up in what appears to be the funny position. Parents Janine Godfrey and her husband Ryan were thrilled with the one-of-a-kind image that the hospital staff member turned into a memento by writing, 'Peace' in the corner.

Janine is the sister-in-law of WBZ-TV anchor David Wade, who shared the unusual photograph on his Twitter account. He wrote: "He comes in peace! Local mom and ultrasound tech shocked as baby gives the peace sign (sic)." The appointment also revealed some other news; they are expecting a boy and he is due in August.