Kiddies pageant was the bomb!


April 11, 2016

A very good Monday to all a unuh! Hope unuh had a good weekend! The kids at Mavisville Preparatory School made me smile all weekend.

"When Jesus say yes the devil can't say no..." That song blasted through the speakers and almost made everyone including me scampered out my seat. I was seated in the auditorium waiting for a kiddies pageant that was to start at 4 p.m. Typical Jamaicans! They didn't look like they were gonna start soon either as kids were running around while some teacher walked around with expressions of unsurety on their faces.

"Pleasant good afternoon!" a voice finally came over the microphone at 4:33 p.m. I just want to know why people still saying "pleasant good" especially at school where they teach you about redundancy. Another of society's accepted hypocrisy! A lady came to join the man on stage claiming they were co-hosts. They started, just to apologise and then to ask for more time as the third judge did not arrive as yet. Mi just did a wonder if dem know say we were sitting a long time or most importantly, how mi tripe dem a twist up cause mi hungry. SMH!

not appropriate

I tried to distract myself from the rattling in my stomach as I paid attention to this woman in a short orange dress with splits at the sides. She dressed it up with red accessories. Mi nah lie she never look too bad! It was just not appropriate for a kids' school pageant. Even mi know better!

first pageant

The whole show just looked disorganised from where I was sitting. It was the school's first pageant but that's a poor excuse. These are professionals that get pay to teach kids to use their creative thinking and organisational skills!

The two hosts even though they tried hard to keep the audience happy clearly should stick to their day jobs. There was a lot of dead air in the show and lack of improvisation on their part. At one point I forgot they were there after the kids left the stage. One person sitting beside me said out loud after they finally spoke again, "Dem did still deh deh?!" Lmao. They attempt different avenues of entertainment but it was just lame... bad! The show was drawn out. Someone say they should be posts not hosts. I'm glad others said it cause you know by now my thoughts aren't always the nicest. Lol!

The kids though omw!! They were so cute in their little outfits and adorable with their talents. Funny as hell too!

Of course there was some WTH moments like the little girl who said "I'm a Kool Kid" but stood through the performance like she was one of the hungry kids in Africa! Lol! Some pieces were just too looooooooong BUT the two highlighted performers were Ms Mavisville Queen (Tahaelia Mitchell) and her brother who was crowned Mini Mr Mavisville (Tajuan Mitchell).

They both had the crowd roaring and on their feet throughout their performances as they did a compilation of speech, gimmick and dance. The other king and mini queen respectively were Jordan Taylor and Dave-Annie McFarlaine.

Likkle but dem tallawah!