Weird News


April 12, 2016

A battery-powered penis ring was mistaken for a bomb after it vibrated in a bin.

Authorities were called in the east German town of Halberstadt after buzzing noises were heard coming from the rubbish and passers-by spotted it suddenly starting to shake. A bomb squad delved deeper into the mystery vibrations, fearing they were caused by an explosive device about to go off, but after carefully tipping out the contents of the bin, the thrilling noises turned out to be a discarded sex toy.

Rather than giving pleasure to its owner, the orphaned toy caused a nearby gambling hall to be evacuated and the street was also closed because of the suspicious humming.

A hedgehog was brutally attacked by someone who cut its thorns.

The little mammal was found in a bad state after it's spikes were chopped off and it was left utterly defenceless. The injured hedgehog was discovered in a University of Sheffield accommodation block by a caretaker and the poorly animal, that has been named Frank, is now recovering at the Cawthorne Hedgehog Rescue Centre.

Frank is also suffering from ringworm and will remain at the sanctuary for approximately eight months until he fully recovers and his skin condition is cured. Anita Broadhead, who runs the sanctuary, was so appalled with the state of the litte hedgehog that she "burst into tears".

She told BuzzFeed: "When we first saw him we burst into tears, to think that someone could do that to a poor little animal."

YO! Sushi hosted Japanese pop group Babymetal's album launch in London recently.

The restaurateurs cooked up a lavish spread from their delicious new menu for the band, which includes female members Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal, for the VIP playback event of their new record Metal Renaissance at London's Southbank branch. Fans were treated to succulent sashimi and other delights curated in Tokyo, while Babymetal's songs were played to the packed out restaurant. The event kicked off a series of music collaborations for YO! Sushi, as they recently announced they will unite with music stars from Japan and hope to give food lovers a better cultural experience.

People can text in the style of Shakespeare using a new app.

ShakeSpeak has been developed by Swfitkey - who analysed the complete works of the famous 16th-century English Bard - and allows budding thespians to simply type the first word or two of a famous Shakespearean quote and the technology will predict the rest. 'To be or not to be' will be swiftly followed by, 'that is the question' and 'The course of true love" will transform into the full phrase, 'The course of true love never did run smooth'. The launch of the ShakeSpeak app is part of the Fans of London tourism campaign from and a series of events are taking place across the capital, including the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's legacy and the first-ever exhibition on the Rolling Stones' personal artifacts and memorabilia.