Weird News


April 14, 2016

A man sent flirty texts to a mother and her daughter.

Zack sent a string of messages to 37-year-old Vicky and her 20-year-old daughter Chelsey, unaware that they were related, although they share the same surname Rochford, according to the Lad Bible website. Zack continued to bombard the women and wrote: "So come min then? X. "Im sitting in on my own it's killing me haha! X (Sic)."

However, Vicky and Chelsey realised the lothario's error and decided to toy with him before revealing they both knew who else he was messaging. Vicky later replied: "But haven't you just invited my daughter haha x"

A dog owner has been stalked by her pet.

Lauren Birney thinks her two-year-old bull mastiff Cyril is "creepy" because he is constantly watching her every move, even when she's in the shower.

Speaking to Bored Panda about her watchful pooch, she said: "Sometimes I have no idea that he is creeping on me until I get up off a seat or look around the room and find he will be standing behind an object with his head sticking out staring at me. It's definitely creepy." Lauren, who owns two other dogs, Beerus and Lou Lou, says the other pets sit calmly unlike Cyril, who lurks around her home in Perth, Australia. She's taken to social media to log her overprotective dog's moves, which has led to its own Instagram account full of his attentive gazes. Despite being spooked by her dog, Lauren has confessed she wouldn't want Cyril to behave any other way. She admitted: "I wouldn't have it any other way. He has always been such a loveable beast who would do anything to get my attention."

A man fell asleep in a urinal.

The reveller opted for the cosy confines of the stinky metal tub situated in the men's toilets of a bar after a boozy night out. Staff at Pavlov's Bar in South Carolina, Columbia, were shocked to find the young man - who wore a yellow Hawaiian-themed shirt and navy chinos - snuggled into the urinal as he clutched the edge of his new-found bed. One Reddit user posted the photograph under the conversation "College done not so right".

Identical twin brothers want cosmetic surgery so their identical twin wives can tell them apart.

Zhao Xin and younger brother Zhao Xun, from a village in Yuncheng City, China, insist they'll go under the knife after they accidentally swapped partners when the newlyweds went for an evening stroll. The brothers have grown up wearing identical clothes, as have the sisters, and think the drastic measure which includes plastic surgery to alter their looks forever is the answer to their problems.

A hospital in Shanghai has agreed to take on their case.