Fake Jesus falls from cross


April 15, 2016

A man dressed as Jesus has fallen from a cross.

The man has been named 'The Flying Christ' and 'Batman Christ' after the actor plummeted 13 feet off a cross into a crowd. Video footage has emerged on Facebook of the fake Jesus, who has long brown hair, and is semi-naked, wearing just a white loincloth. He was attached to the wooden cross and raised high above the crowd for the Easter celebrations in Santa Barbara, located in the south-west Guatemalan department of Suchitepequez. One user wrote: "That awkward moment when you're trying to be Christ, but you end up looking more like Tarzan."

A goat in need of a 'caffeine fix' wandered into a Starbucks in Northern California.

Staff were shocked to find the four-legged farm animal sniffing their sacks of coffee bags and nuzzling bags of crisps and promptly contacted authorities. The City of Rohnert Park Police and Fire department managed to take the lost goat "into custody" and quickly posted a 'wanted' announcement on Facebook in the hope of finding its owner. The notice read: 'Missing a goat?'

"The goat apparently needed a caffeine fix and had wandered into the Wolf Den Starbucks. The on-duty sergeant promptly responded, took the goat into custody, and transported him to the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. "We're sure the animal shelter supervisor will be thrilled to find a goat in a dog's crate when she arrives to work!"

After the goat was picked up by its owner, the police updated followers on Twitter and said:

"We are pleased to report the goat's owner sprung him from the animal shelter. Thanks to our followers for the assist!"Woman threatens to stab grandson

A grandmother pulled out a knife on her grandson and threatened to stab him after he laughed in her face.

An elderly woman reached into her handbag and whacked out the sharp weapon before brandishing at her young relative after he started being rude to her in her car.

In a video clip uploaded to YouTube by the user World Star Hip Hop, the granny screeches at her grandson: "Shut the f... up. I'll stick it up all the way up your goddamn a..!

"Shut the f.. up. You ain't gon' do me like that, I will f... your a.. up, shut the f... up, shut the f... up now."

It's not known what caused the altercation or whether the police were called to the scene.

An iguana has been named a 'tiny adorable Godzilla' for his likeness to the fictional Japanese monster.

The herbivorous lizard was filmed underwater eating algae off the bedrock and looked scarily similar to the Japanese fiend who crashed through Honolulu and San Francisco in the 2014 science fiction blockbuster of the same name.

People online are shocked by the marine iguana's likeness to Godzilla, who is no less than 50 metres tall in the film.

Steve Winkworth originally captured the footage at Cabo Marshall in the Pacific Ocean's Galapagos Islands, but a recent Reddit thread has made the "tiny Godzilla" famous.

One wrote: "From behind the safety of my computer screen, it's surely adorable. If I were in the water though, nope, nope, nope, nope (sic)".

Another commented beneath the video, saying: "A tiny adorable Godzilla."