April 15, 2016
Deidre Hall is Marlena on 'Days of Our Lives'.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam was devastated to learn that Steffy had married his brother during his absence. Vivienne tried to strike a deal with Sasha. Aware of the ordeal he'd been through, family and co-workers warmly welcomed Liam back to Forrester Creations. Brooke braced herself for the worst when Katie asked for a private moment alone to discuss their recent squabble. Rick got suspicious when he caught Ridge in a lie. Wyatt stood his ground when Liam vowed to take back the life he lost while in captivity. Rick and Katie clandestinely compared notes regarding Ridge's recent whereabouts. Brooke reluctantly met with Bill in private to discuss Katie's erratic behaviour.

Watch For: A young couple's happiness is threatened by a third party. An angry father seeks revenge. A man sets out to get his old life back.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Abigail came clean to Marlena about setting Ben on fire. Deimos made Kate an offer she couldn't refuse. Theresa had a surprising suggestion for Victor and Maggie. JJ told Chad that Ben had been locked up. Victor made an offer to Nicole knowing that Deimos had a weakness for her. Steve packed up and moved out of the house. Summer connected with Brady but was still conflicted about her mother. Jade and Joey vented their frustrations about their families to one another. Abigail was committed to doing whatever it took to get well for her son. JJ was concerned about his mom's addiction. A mystery caller told Hope to confront Deimos. Later, Nicole showed up at Deimos' doorstep.

Watch For: Theo promises Ciara a magical night at the prom. Rafe surprises Hope with an '80s night of her own. Marlena shares her worries about Eric with Belle.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Paul made an astonishing confession. Lomax took Jordan to task. Dillon found Nina in a bad state. Obrecht gave Franco advice about his love life. Sam's nightmare came with a warning. Carlos and Anna finally had it out. Lulu focused on rebuilding her marriage. Laura gladly accepted an offer of help. Julian tried to get some important information out of Alexis. Ned learned that Olivia and Julian were co-parenting Leo. Andre arrived at the PCPD on official business. Obrecht unintentionally planted an idea in Monica's head. Mac and Felicia enlisted some legal assistance for Anna. Michael and Felix continued their search for Sabrina. Nina was stunned by Franco's cluelessness.

Watch For: Dillon tries to be a friend to Kiki as she recovers. Obrecht encourages Franco to tap into his dark side. Hayden's day goes from bad to worse.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victoria visited her father in jail. Summer was forced to give a deposition in Newman's lawsuit against Jabot. Summer kissed Luca after he helped get her mind off her family problems. Hilary blackmailed Neil into trying to convince Jack to keep her on the board of the foundation. Victoria told Jack that she was willing to drop the lawsuit if he met certain demands. Meanwhile, Kevin, Mariah and Natalie were convinced that they would never see any profits from PassKey. Victor warned Victoria that she would never be able to effectively run the company as long as she was tied to Billy. Sage thanked Dylan for allowing her to visit with Sully. Later, Sharon confided in Sage that she was having nightmares about her time at Fairview.

Watch For: Sharon reaches out to Patty for some answers. Billy makes a power move. Victoria meets a mysterious stranger.