Schoolgirl won't be punished for hiring male stripper


April 16, 2016

A Des Moines principal has decided not to punish the ninth-grade girls who arranged for a male stripper to perform at their high school's synchronised swimming club banquet.

Officials say the girls employed the stripper as a joke and that the stripper didn't totally disrobe at the event that was held at the Des Moines Social Club. A club employee interrupted the performance and asked the stripper to leave.

Roosevelt High School Principal, Kevin Biggs, said Wednesday that the girls didn't do anything illegal and didn't violate the district's conduct code.

The club has been operating outside of direct school supervision, with members raising all the money for its support. But Biggs said the district plans to place the club and its finances under the control of Roosevelt High's activities department.

A Texas county jail inmate, who escaped custody while receiving treatment in a hospital, was found in the dishwasher of his girlfriend's apartment in boxer shorts and wearing handcuffs with the chain severed, a sheriff's department said on Thursday.

"He took out the racks and made himself a nice cubby hole," said Chief Deputy Glenn Blank of the Jasper County Sheriff's office in East Texas.

The inmate, Wesley Evans, 20, was captured on Wednesday morning and was taken back into custody after an escape that lasted about 24 hours. He is expected to face charges for the escape attempt.

Evans has been in jail since March 8 on charges of aggravated robbery, auto theft and arson. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of a swollen hand.

A dog has been breast-feeding baby goats.

A woman has come under fire after a video emerged online of her chained-up elderly dog being forced to feed the young furry creatures after their mother reportedly neglected them.

The clip, which sees the dog sitting before shooting up as its owner approaches, was shot in Kazakhstan.

A Hampshire woman has gotten Sir David Attenborough tattooed on her arm.

The huge full-colour etching of the TV presenter - who is Britain's most famous environmentalist and widely regarded as a national treasure - has been strategically placed on Samantha Ordish's right bingo wing.

Sir David's peachy and smiling face and shock of grey hair have been carefully inked onto the 34-year-old fan's upper arm and is surrounded by green foliage, as the famous naturalist holds a tiny lizard in his hands.

The tattoo cost PS1,500 at the Ink Doctors Tattoo studio in Southsea and also features a gorilla, two hummingbirds, a golden headed lion tamarin, two red-eyed tree frogs and a keel-billed toucan., a golden headed lion tamarin, two red-eyed tree frogs and a keel-billed toucan.