April 22, 2016
Arianne Zucker as Nicole Walkeron Days of Our Lives

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Deacon attempted to talk some sense into Quinn by reminding her that she had no future with Liam. Caroline paid a visit to Wyatt to check on the state of his marriage now that Liam was back in Steffy's life. Quinn was determined to see Liam and beg for his forgiveness. Sasha was on top of the world working as a Forrester model. Despite their passionate history together, Steffy showed Liam just how committed she was to his brother. Wyatt was tired of defending his marriage to everyone in town.

Steffy turned to her father, Ridge, for support. Sasha's happiness was short-lived when she received a surprise visit from Julius. Nicole set forth on her goal to win back Zende's love. Watch For: A family scandal is exposed. Suspicion arises around a recent tragedy. Miscommunication leads to some crucial information being revealed.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The romance heated up between Rafe and Hope. Steve witnessed Fynn and Kayla sharing a warm moment and wasn't happy about it. Abigail had a nightmare about Ben. Jade and Joey took their relationship to the next level. The teens attended the Salem High School prom. Kate and Deimos celebrated their new partnership. Hope pulled away from Rafe just as they were about to make love. Victor and Nicole sealed the deal to bring Deimos down.

Belle sought solace in Philip's bed while Lani lured an unsuspecting Shawn to a seedy motel. Hope got another mysterious call warning her about Deimos. Philip was stunned by Belle's suggestion that they get married in Vegas. Watch For: Maggie invites Summer to move into the townhouse with her. Justin has a proposition for Deimos. Theresa tells Brady he has a hero complex.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ava was alarmed by Julian's confession. A message from Nina had Franco assuming the worst. Someone was keeping a close watch on Jason and Sam. Alexis and Julian believed they had reason to celebrate. Jason had some serious concerns about his violent tendencies. Alexis came shockingly close to betraying her client. Kristina was the object of a flirtatious suitor. Kiki started to regain her strength. Tracy fired Hayden. Michael and Sonny clashed over the Sabrina issue.

Jason and Sam found evidence that they were not alone. Maxie's curiosity about Nathan's past got the best of her. Monica put her foot down. Lucas and Brad discussed the details of their upcoming wedding. Jason set Sonny straight. Paul made good on his threat. Carly didn't hide her skepticism about Finn. Watch For: Nikolas plays dirty with Hayden. Griffin reveals more about himself to Anna. Franco confides in someone about his emotional trauma.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor wasn't sympathetic to the news of Nikki's accident. Nick pleaded with his father to forgive Nikki before her drinking got her into more trouble. Sharon and Sage agreed not to tell the men in their lives that they were investigating Nurse Stephens's past. Mariah was upset that Kevin wouldn't give her a share of the profits. Later, Natalie and Kevin enjoyed their newfound wealth over a lunch of champagne and caviar.

Summer told Nick that she would continue seeing Luca despite his disapproval. However, Victoria told her brother that she knew of a way to get Luca out of Summer's life for good. Hilary continued to blackmail Neil into giving her a seat on the board. Watch For: Abby worries that her marriage is in jeopardy. Adam questions Sage's loyalty. Cane's world is rocked.