Weird News


April 23, 2016

An owl that was let loose in Exeter, Devon, took a fancy to a bald man.

A local was out walking in the city at 4 a.m. when the eagle owl, which has a wingspan of 6', swooped on him and he thinks it was attracted to his lack of hair or his beard.

Richard Clevedon Smith, told The Times newspaper: "I was walking when I heard this hooting noise, really quite loud and booming. I looked around. It was dark but the hooting was getting closer. Then I saw this big bird coming down on me, its wings outspread and showing its talons. It seemed massive. It frightened the life out of me. I managed to get my hands up to protect my head. I managed to duck down and the owl flew off hooting loudly. It may have been the street lights shining off my bald head that attracted it but I also have a goatee beard so I think it might have been after that."

Zizzi have created a special pizza called the Ma'amgharita as a tribute to the Queen who turned 90 last Thursday.

The Italian restaurant has made the bespoke dish and are also offering free gin cocktails to mark the occasion. The mouth-watering pizza is made with sweet corn, grated parmesan cheese, yellow and red pepper, tomato sauce and olives. The pizza features Queen Elizabeth in an iconic pose, illustrated with fresh and tasty Italian ingredients on a backdrop of the Union Jack.

A creationist has claimed Stonehenge was built by giants sent by Satan.

American theologist Dr Dennis Lindsay, who is president and CEO of Christ For The Nations, believes the devil created a race of huge men to make the site thousands of years ago in a field in Wiltshire, England.

Speaking about Satan on the 'Jim Baker Show': "He's out to destroy God's creation and his whole plan of redemption and contaminate the human race because Jesus came not to save hybrids or non-human beings or fallen angels or Lucifer. He came to save human beings and to have a family."

He continued: "Why and what is the evidence for giant beings on this Earth? We all know about Stonehenge, right? And that's just one out of hundreds and hundreds of gigantic places around the world that testify that some sort of supernatural power or giants were involved in its construction."

A woman kept a crocodile as a pet for 60 years.

Helen Haritos inherited the animal called Albert in 1952 after her father passed away and has built up a strong bond with the 'low-maintenance reptile', which measures four metres long and lives off fish, after vetting her for over six decades. Speaking to ABC Australia about the extended member of the family, she said: "She lets us know when she's hungry. It's not quite like my dog but I do have a particular bond and care for the animal. It's quite easy actually (to look after) I'd say low maintenance, but treat it with respect because they are very dangerous animals."

Helen's late dad captured the female creature in the wild of Mary River and decided to keep the crocodile after his daughter asked for a reptile for her birthday - a bizarre request that came true when she turned five years old.

The 70-year-old crocodile now has a permit to remain in Helen's back garden.