Weird News


April 25, 2016

Weird News

Chinese Tycoon Gets Robot Maids to Carry His Shopping

A Chinese tycoon brought eight robot maids on a shopping trip. The wealthy businessman was photographed in a shopping mall while the robot servants patiently waited for him before following him out of the stores holding his bags. Heads turned as the human-like machines gave the man help in a mall in Guangzhou, China. Photographs showed the robots carrying a selection of designer shopping bags, water, a coat and a towel. The mechanical maids could be seen waiting patiently for the man while he shopped for gold in a jewellery store before following behind him when he left. The unnamed tycoon has been blasted by the Chinese media, and described as a "tuhao" which is a slang word to describe someone who "got rich overnight but has no taste".

A man set his house on fire by trying to smoke out wasps. Three fire crews were called to the rental property on Glasseys Road, near Southbridge - 50km south of Christchurch in England - at around 6.40 p.m. last Thursday after a man tried to destroy a nest using a makeshift blowtorch made with a spray can and lighter. Southbridge senior firefighter Ben Wilson said: "It's a bit of a shock that someone might have done that. It's a good time to remember that aerosol cans and lighters are not a safe approach to any form of blowtorch. There was potential to lose the house, there was nothing stopping it completely engulfing the house in flames."

A pensioner is recruiting a nude cleaner. The 70-year-old pensioner John posted an advert for a nude cleaner in the window of his local newsagents, and has received eight applications in two weeks for the post. The elderly gentleman from Kingswood in Bristol, is looking for a replacement following the departure of his previous worker, which has seen four woman take the role. Speaking to the Western Daily Press he said: "I had my last cleaner since May last year and she left two weeks ago. She was a mature student studying business management and we got quite pally. She had never done anything like it before and I liked that. I think it brightened up her life a bit. I'm quite choosy. I like someone with a bit of personality who you can have a conversation with."

A man was bitten by a rat while sitting on the toilet. Councillor Noel Collins reported the incident to Cork County Council during a Southern Area Meeting, and warned homeowners "to watch their posteriors." As reported by the Evening Echo, he said: "The flooding resulted in another problem for residents, that of rat infestation, which really upset many families, mentally and physically, and indeed, one elderly gentleman suffered a rat bite to his posterior while using his toilet, and had to receive immediate medical attention. I would advise homeowners to keep their toilet seats down when not in use, and to watch their posteriors."