Weird News


May 03, 2016

An amorous couple are being hunted by the police after they started bonking on the platform of an underground station.

The lovebirds couldn't even make it home, let alone get a room, when passengers saw them simulate sexual intercourse on the platform of Barcelona's subway station. According to El Huffington Post, the late-night nookie session at the Metro station has sparked a hunt for the couple and if caught, authority officials have said they could face 'incivility charges' - even though the act wasn't actual intercourse. Their bump-and-grind noises could be heard by commuters and even prompted one passer-by to film the incident.

A corpse hotel has been set up in Japan to relieve overcrowding in its crematoriums.

More than 110,000 people died in Tokyo in 2014 but the city has only 26 crematoriums in operation, so dead bodies are now being taken to Sousou - a hotel facility based in Kanagawa, which keeps the bodies in pristine condition for up to four days.

A hot drink that claims to cure memory loss has gone on sale.

MemoMax - a super-charged cocoa drink which contains the naturally occurring compound flavanols - can allegedly reverse age-related memory decline by up to 30 years. Founder Andrew Parkinson said: "It works by using cocoa beans which have a slightly higher flavanol level than most, but it is the way that it is treated that really makes the difference. When you buy any chocolate or cocoa drink it contains flavanols, but, when processed, it is alkalised, which kills off over 90 per cent of the flavanols. But we have found a company with a unique way to process the cocoa which doesn't kill off the flavanols. The company doesn't actually reveal how they do it - they are very protective of it." The snazzy product costs PS31.50 for a month's supply.

A woman has sold her poop for PS2,800.

Ceara Lynch, 29, makes money from selling items "harvested" on her body, such as her worn underwear and her hair to men who receive nothing in return, but the 29-year-old recently earned the most from auctioning off a pile of her faeces, although the bid began at PS70. Speaking to The Daily Star online about the unusual auction - which she began at the age of 17 - she said: "Just any kind of disgusting item that could be harvested off my body, I was able to sell. Nowadays, thanks to technology, a woman just needs a webcam and a computer and she can take control of her own life and make her own money." The brunette beauty is also paid to pretend to blackmail men into giving her their bank details, while other bizarre requests include men wanting to be imprisoned in a dungeon with their penis locked into a male chastity device.