Weird News


May 04, 2016

A masseuse bites patients' backs and bottoms.

Dorothy Stein, 48 - also known as 'Doctor Dot' - lays patients on her massage bed and nibbles at their body before continuing with the more traditional oily rub, which she learnt from her mother at the age of five, and has a list of celebrity clients, including Kanye West, Keith Richards and Eminem. Speaking to the Mirror online about her profession and her clients, which was first tried on Frank Zappa in exchange for a free ticket to his concert, she said: "He [Frank] loves a gentle bite massage". Dorothy began giving free massages, but now the New Jersey physio charges $150 (PS100), and is not fazed by unpleasant body odours or responses to her unusual sessions, although she won't bite breasts. She explained: "I've seen it all and smelt it all. I've never bitten boobs, though."

A fisherman was left stunned when he found out a floating doll he thought was an angel turned out to be a sex toy.

Pardin, 21, rescued a doll in the sea after an Indonesian solar eclipse - which is believed to signify a spiritual year - and took it home to his small village on Banggai island, where his mother dressed the figure in hijabs and blouses daily. Swarms of people flocked to see the being, but the local police denounced the idea and recognised the inflatable to be a pleasurable toy rather than a spiritual creature. According to the Metro newspaper, the area's Police Chief Heru Pramukarno said: "So it was checked by one of our team. It was a sex toy." The authorities confiscated the doll.

A horse was caught scratching its bottom on a car.

The intelligent mare was clearly struggling to reach the unbearable itch and sprung into action when it spotted a wing mirror on a red learner's car parked in Shropshire. The cheeky creature backed into the side-view reflector and began rubbing up and down as a shocked onlooker, Ray Hurd, captured the hilarious moment on his camera.

A man who calls himself 'Philly Jesus' has a new cross to bear: He was arrested at a Philadelphia Apple store on a trespassing charge.

Philly Jesus' real name is Michael Grant. He dresses like Jesus, carries a large cross, preaches on sidewalks and poses for photos. He also performs baptisms in city fountains. Police say the Apple store's manager told them Grant refused to leave on Monday night, despite being asked multiple times. They say his cross was blocking an aisle. He was handcuffed and arrested. According to online court documents, Grant was charged with defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct. No lawyer information was listed. He was released after an arraignment early yesterday. Grant tweeted yesterday that he was "free at last."