Weird News


May 10, 2016

A teenager thought his tongue had been cut out by ISIS after a dentist appointment left him high and his mouth numb.

Jon was put under anaesthetic to have his wisdom teeth removed, but the medication left him believing his mother was part of the terrorist group trying to amputate the muscular organ, although she was removing the gauze in place to stop bleeding after the procedure.

Speaking in the YouTube video of the moment of his parent removing the bloody wadding, which has gone viral, he said: "Oh, my god, mum! My tongue! Put it back in my mouth!" However, Jon is adamant his tongue has been removed and attempts to put, what he thinks is the detached body part back into his mouth, which is assisted by his mother. In retaliation to his mother placing the tissue back, Jon said: "No you're from ISIS, back off ISIS. ISIS took my tongue once, you took my tongue twice."

As Jon recoils in fear he will be castrated for the second time, his mother warns he will fall. He replied: "No, you're going to fall."

Two American teenagers haves offered their help to save Glasgow.

The environmentally friendly 'Hope Scout' Christian volunteers pitched to save the industrial wasteland in Glasgow in a YouTube video, which went viral, although it has been criticised by viewers as a patronising and racist clip.

Speaking on their social- media clip, which sees them mis-pronounce Scotland's capital city, the pair said: "We are volunteers. Currently we are part of 'Hope Scouts'. We both love serving. You are probably wondering - why 'Glass-co'? High levels of poverty, high levels of alienation - one-third of all children in the city are estimated to be living in the poverty."

However, following negative feedback the duo removed their post, which has subsequently been re-uploaded by other people.

A scorned lover spray-painted her partner's car 'hope she was worth it' in central London last Thursday.

The owner of the white Range Rover had parked opposite Harrods in the capital and had more to worry about than a parking ticket, after the PS90,000 car was vandalised with graffiti that declared him as a 'cheater'. The words, 'It's ove', and, 'hope she was worth it', were scrawled across the huge vehicle in foot-high bright red letters.

Onlookers took photographs and laughed as the customised car was removed by a truck, after the owner refused to drive it home.

Strange alien structures have been pictured on the Moon.

The unidentified rectangular objects are apparently, "evidence of a UFO colony", an expert has claimed in a new video describing the photographs that were taken from the Lunar Orbiter satellite.

Alien hunters secureteam10 report on alien activity on their YouTube channel and, in a video on their site, one of their team says: "These buildings, these structures. I mean, take a look at these things and tell me they're natural. How did they get there? If they are natural, how did they get there? And, honestly, tell me how Mother Nature created not one large rectangular structure but a second structure with very alien characteristics and surface features? I mean, you can be a sceptic, I'm a sceptic, but there comes a time in life when you have to say alright, I've seen enough."