Weird News


May 12, 2016

Two male Canadian geese caused a bus to halt after fighting.

David Morris, 51, captured the angry birds bust-up, which lasted 15 minutes, on camera while walking home in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester. Several people stopped in amazement to watch the two birds tear each other apart. David told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "The birds were really going for it, they weren't holding anything back. It looked pretty vicious to be honest. They were so involved with each other that they were completely oblivious to the fact that they were fighting in the road. Once the bus appeared and couldn't get past, I thought it was really funny and rushed to get my phone out to record it.

A man had to paint his pub in Leicester City football colours after winning a bet.

One landlord had to transform his public house into a football shirt of his favourite team after they won the Premier League. Brian Priest, 61, the owner of Chequers in Swinford, Leicester, told the Metro newspaper: "This all came about because of a bet I made two or three months ago to say if Leicester won the league, we'd paint the front of the pub blue. It took us about two hours to paint it and then a few of them went down to watch the game afterwards."

Krispy Kreme launched a doughnut 'Hole in the Wall' in London last Monday.

The famous brand are giving out the new limited, edition Nutty Chocolatta flavour at various locations before it goes on sale to the general public. People can head down to Krispy's flagship Holborn store where they will find a doughnut-shaped hatch where they can pick up a sweet treat for just PS2, with profits going to Teenage Cancer Trust. Krispy Kreme's chief marketing officer, Judith Denby, says "We are excited to launch the unique Hole in the Wall pop-up that goes back to the roots of Krispy Kreme's history. We hope fans enjoy eating the new Nutty Chocolatta doughnut as much as we have enjoyed making it." The exclusive pop-up is open from May 9 to May 21 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

'Antiques Roadshow' in America has been left red-faced after an 'antique' jug valued at PS35,000 was actually a child's art project.

An episode of the show, filmed in Spokane, Washington, last summer showed the valuation of a distinctive jug 'antique' belonging to Alvin Barr. Mr Barr had found the jug a few years earlier in a barn during an estate sale. He paid $300 - despite the piece being covered in straw and chicken droppings. On the show, antique expert Stephen Fletcher, told him what it was worth. He said: "It's bizarre and wonderful. You even see a little bit of Pablo Picasso going on here ... I think it's probably late 19th or early 20th century ... somebody might well ask in the area of between $30,000 and $50,000 for this." But new information came to light last Tuesday when Bestsy Soule got in touch with the show after it broadcast - and provided photographic evidence that she had actually made it at high school 40 years ago. Speaking to the Bend Bulletin, Betsy said: "I was just a really passionate, artistic kid." Mr Fletcher has since downgraded his estimate for the jug's value to around $3,000-$5,000, still significantly more than its current owner paid for it. Mr Barr says he prefers the lower valuation.