Weird News


May 16, 2016

A man pretending to be an Ofsted inspector called up a school and sacked the deputy head.

The prankster, who goes by the name Uncle Rafool and masks his real voice with a thick West African accent, telephoned the office of Whitefield School in north London and said: "You have been fired. Pack up your things and leave the office." Uncle Rafool claimed he had an appointment to inspect the secondary school and when the baffled deputy head, Marcus Villiers, asked whether the call was a prank, the joker replied: "I will Sellotape your bum cheeks together". An audio recording of the telephone call has been uploaded to YouTube and it has since been revealed that Uncle Rafool has called nearly 150 schools across the country on request of pupils who want to see their teachers humiliated.

A solicitor allegedly pretended he had died to avoid dumping his girlfriend.

The unnamed solicitor was reported to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) by his ex-girlfriend's mum. The lie stunt only came to light when his grieving former partner, who had been text by a family member to say he had died, allegedly made her way to his funeral to discover staff had no details of such funeral, according to the Coventry Telegraph. Roll on Friday website, which provides tongue-in-cheek news of the legal world, said: "The Coventry-based lawyer dated the woman in 2013. But one night she received a text from his mobile phone purporting to be written by another member of his family. It conveyed the shocking news that after a very short illness he had died suddenly. In subsequent text conversations, the 'family member' reluctantly provided details of the funeral, explaining that it was taking place a considerable distance away. Unperturbed, the grieving woman made the journey to the service, only to discover that staff had no idea what she was talking about."

An artist is selling his pierced nipples and belly button online for PS10,000 after having them surgically removed.

Karim Boumjimar posted the items for sale on his Instagram and Twitter accounts after having the body parts removed after he was inspired by the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci - which shows her without eyelashes and eyebrows. The 18-year-old from London said: "It came to me - I could do the same thing with my body. As humans, we all have the same anatomy and I decided to do what I want with mine." He wrote on Twitter: "I got rid of my nipples and I'm selling them. My belly button necklace is coming soon." And to further support that the items were once attached to his body, he uploaded a picture of his bare chest and stomach, which showed sceptics those features were missing. On Instagram, he priced his nipples at PS10,000 and added: "No time - wasters." According to Dazed, Karim wants to get rid of the body parts because he "doesn't want to get attached to them".

District Judge Joseph Beockmann was caught offering sex to young males in return for a lesser sentencing.

The Arkansas judge had been running a secret side business, trading sex for a lenient sentencing - and in some cases, he'd reduce their court fines or throw them out altogether. Boeckmann had worked as a district judge in Cross County for six years until he was caught reducing the sentences of young men, after at least one, whom is under 18, helped him with "personal work" under his robe. The Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission unearthed the dirty scheme: Boeckmann told young males to contact him at his home to complete "community sentences" like trash pickup, but once they arrived, they'd be given a much different task to service their community. It was also discovered that many were forced to pose for nude pictures, after hundreds of photographs were recovered off his hard drive, according to documents seen by Fox 16.