Weird News


May 17, 2016

Music fans think the perfect-looking popstar would have Rihanna's eyes, Adele's nose, Ariana Grande's hair and BeyoncE's legs.

Music-streaming site Deezer combined listening data from their library and analysed social media conversations to reveal the public's perfect pop star. From the millions of Twitter and Instagram posts they looked at, Rihanna has three of the most enviable assets, including chest, eyes and attitude, while BeyoncE has two, legs and arms. Justin Bieber reigned supreme as the perfect male star, but it will come as no surprise that Harry Styles locks are the most talked-about hairstyle.

Police are hunting a vile necrophiliac who dug up a dead OAP's body to have sex with it.

Gravediggers spotted the remains of 92-year-old Maria Stan with the clothes ripped off - just two days after she was buried - at a cemetery in the suburb of the Romanian capital of Bucharest. A forensic examination revealed her body had been sexually interfered with. Speaking to local media, one of the gravediggers said: "Even animals don't do such horrible things. He had his sick pleasure and then left the body with the ripped clothes and the grave open." Local priest Father Michael, who was taken to the site, said: "I couldn't look for more than a few seconds. I had an instant twinge in the heart when I saw the dead woman's body and the desecrated grave." Questions are being asked about the woman's son, Puiu Gherasi, after he gave a bizarre interview to local media. Gherasi, 70, said: "There are more important things in the world and in this country to deal with. What business do I have with this? I went to the funeral, did my part. The rest is the police's job. I know nothing and I have nothing to say about it." Police continue to investigate.

An ecosexual boathouse is the latest sex fetish to arouse couples.

The sex house is different to the sex chamber seen in the film 50 shades of Grey - as instead of the usual whips, chains and handcuffs - it features fauna, foliage and finger condoms. The ecosexual boathouse is a temporary feature that has been launched in the tangles of the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens and is created by Ian Sinclair and Loren Kronemyer. It is said to satisfy the needs of 'ecosexuals' - a term invented by two women, Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, who claimed to be in love with the earth. They publicly married the soil on May 1, 2014.

Ecosexuals are said to talk dirty to plants, kiss and lick the earth, bury themselves in soil and do nude dances while the environment watches on. They also swim naked in natural waters, hug and stoke trees and give the earth massages.

Rose Leslie has teamed up with Sky Box Sets to launch Sky Box Sets Club.

The former Game of Thrones star has explained why box sets are addictive and gone through the top reasons, including the loveable rogues, unbearable cliff-hangers to high-stakes power struggles and on-screen romances that keep viewers gripped to the screen. Rose said: "I am a huge box sets fan and love a Sunday marathon session watching my favourite series back-to-back. From The Walking Dead to Fortitude and, of course, Game of Thrones - I've been gripped with Season 6 so far and always have to debrief after watching an episode!" Sky has created a new forum for fans to discuss their favourite shows with friends. Rose added: "If you're like me and love chatting about your latest box set addiction, then Sky Box Sets Club has everything you'll need to kick-start conversations with friends on Twitter or in the office the next day."