Political workers in Gordon Town, Mavis Bank praying for late rush

November 28, 2016
Gladstone Taylor photo Supporters of both major political parties in Gordon Town, St Andrew, today.
Gladstone Taylor photo People's National Party workers at the Mount Fletcher Primary School, Mavis Bank, St Andrew, today.
Gladstone Taylor photo A supporter of the Jamaica Labour Party in Mavis Bank, St Andrew, today.

As the 2016 Local Government Elections enter the homestretch, supporters of both major political parties are expressing confidence that their candidate will win the Gordon Town  and Mavis Bank divisions in the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC).

The Gordon Town division is being contested by the People's National Party (PNP) Barrington Walsh and Neville Whitaker of the Jamaica Labour Party.

Gordon Town was won by the JLP in the last local government elections held in 2012.

Voter turnout across the division has been low. In fact, when THE STAR ONLINE visited the Gordon Town Community Centre about 2 p.m., there was little to no activity taking place inside the polling stations.

Despite the relative inactivity, both the PNP and JLP workers expressed confidence in victory.
"A we a tek it. We ago win. The people dem not turning out but one by one we a tally the votes. It a guh work out for us," a JLP  supporter said.

A PNP supporter was equally upbeat despite the low turnout.

"This year it nuh look so good like the last local government election. The morning started out real slow but it pick up little as the day goes. We hoping that after work a bit more will come to vote,"the PNP supporter said.

In Mavis Bank, people there told THE STAR ONLINE that persons are turned off from voting.

"Nobody not really coming out to vote. Voting not as popular as one time. People nuh see what dem a vote for. The road dem bad and we still have to go catch water," a PNP supporter said.

Mavis Bank was won by the JLP's Alvin Francis over the PNP's Esther Warner-Dixon by a margin of six votes in the 2012 election.

Francis is being challenged by the PNP's Eunis Warner for the seat.

"This is worst than in 2012. The people dem hardly coming out. We hope dem come out later on," a Labour party worker said.