Weird News


January 13, 2017

A prostitute had her arms and shoulders sliced open after a romp on top of a glass table which shattered to pieces.

The Thai sex worker was reportedly in the 'doggy style' position with a tourist at a motel in Thailand's capital of Bangkok, which is infamous for its sex slave trade, and had to call out emergency services to see to her embarrassing injuries.

According to the Daily Record, medical worker Thuanthong Nattapol said: "Some of the police found it very funny and people were taking pictures.

"The man and the woman had booked the motel for two or three hours.

"They had been trying a position like doggy style or some other similar dangerous technique that involved the glass coffee table.

"The glass broke and the woman was cut quite badly and was screaming.

"The man was quiet embarrassed, but had to stay until everything was sorted out.

"He had to send a few messages to explain why he was running late."

A horny monkey has been caught trying to have sex with a deer.

The cheeky creature stunned researchers when he was caught on camera trying to bounce up and down on the animal twice its size on Yakushima Island, Japan.

But the monkey took things one step further when his first mate was unsuccessful as he leapt across to another deer of the same size clung on to its fur and thrust into its spine before being shaken off by the animal.

Marie Pele of the University of Strasbourg in France, told the New Scientist: "It could be a manifestation of the known play behaviour between Japanese macaques and the deer they are known to sometimes ride."

Team member Sueur Cedric added: "Sexual interaction between non-closely-related species is very rare to observe. It would be interesting to continue to observe these Japanese macaque male groups in Yakushima, as this species is known to display cultural behaviours and social learning."

Prisoners are allowed to have Amazon parcels delivered to their cells.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that inmates have the privilege of ordering items from the site, however, they can only be from a preapproved list created by the Ministry of Justice.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reports that wardens, who are forced to take the packages to their cells, are "fuming" that they have to follow the policy, saying they are not "postmen" for the convicted criminals.

A new device has been created to stop loudmouth office workers disturbing others.

The new phone gadget, The Hushme, uses technology which cancels out their end of the conversation so only the person on the other end can hear.

According to The Times newspaper, the kit was showcased at the CES tech show in Las Vegas, and resembles a pair of oversized headphones; and instead of going over the ears, it covers their gobby mouth.

Those irritated by their colleagues can simply connect it through their phone using Bluetooth.