I am the glue in my family — Nicole Kidman


January 14, 2017

Nicole Kidman is the ?glue? in her family. The 49-year-old actress doesn?t think her husband Keith Urban and their children Faith, six, and Sunday, eight, would be able to survive without her, because she?s what hold them all together and ensures the smooth sailing of every day life but, equally, she wouldn?t be able to cope if she didn?t have the country crooner supporting her.

She told the Guardian newspaper: ?Keith is the rock, but I?m very much the glue. I mean, I hate to say it, but yeah, you?re the heartbeat of the family. Keith says it. The girls say it. They just like when I?m at home.

?There?s just that female energy in the house, which is powerful. And I?d love to say that Keith could create it in the same way, but I don?t think that he does. The girls don?t say that he does. It?s all about the details, right? Which I remember from my own mum and dad. My dad would forget to cut out sandwiches in the middle just little things, but when you?ve little it all count, right??