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March 23, 2018
Ashley Benson as Abigail Deveraux
Joshua Morrow stars as Nick Newman in THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.


BEAUTIFUL: Brooke worried about Ridge's underlying anger towards Bill. Detective Sanchez questioned Wyatt and Justin about Bill's shooting. Hope revealed a secret to Liam about Steffy and Bill. Wyatt's hatred of his father was palpable. Steffy and Brooke told Ridge about Bill's marriage proposal. The detective received an important clue about his case.

Steffy lashed out at Hope and demanded to know her true intentions towards Liam. Carter got called in to help the Forresters. Sheila kept a close eye on Maya and Pam at Il Giardino. Maya began to realise that something was off with Pam. Justin wasn't pleased when Jarrett returned to Spencer with a request. After carefully analysing each suspect, Detective Sanchez made an arrest.

Watch For: A family pulls together to help exonerate one of their own. Detective Sanchez's unwavering questioning becomes overwhelming. A worried wife slings allegations at her ex to protect her true love.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: After her heartbreak, Hope sought refuge with her son, Shawn, in Hong Kong. Rafe and Kate opened up to one another. Chloe returned home to Lucas unaware that a mysterious person had followed her to Salem. Sonny had a bitter encounter with Paul and Will. Vivian gave Sonny a warning. Gabby did her best to hide herself in front of Kate. Eli supported Gabi as they mentally prepared for her trial.

JJ received positive news about his new career. Stefan and Gabby arrived in Hong Kong. Hope sought legal assistance from Belle. Gabi's trial began with Lani taking the stand, which led to major fireworks. Hope spied Stefan with a mysterious woman, not realising it was Abigail/Gabby.

Watch For: Gabby tells Stefan she has genuine feelings for him. Chad is arrested in Hong Kong. Doug and Julie chastise Rafe for betraying Hope.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Elizabeth looked for some answers and turned to Jordan for help. Franco made a confession. Jason met with Anna. Griffin took a huge risk. Kiki was grateful. Drew's instincts kicked in. Jordan made a startling discovery. Ava wondered if Nelle was taking things too far. Griffin accepted an offer from Ava. Michael was let down. Franco was uncertain of his future. Nelle grew frustrated. Carly was pleasantly surprised. Alexis rose to Finn's defence. Andre encouraged Anna to live her life. Sam wrestled with her feelings. Nelle made a bold move. Jason met with Spinelli. Andre got an earful from Sonny. Julian bumped into Alexis. Watch For: Sam has a moment with Jason. Drew reaches out to Oscar. Franco wonders where he stands.


RESTLESS: J.T. tried to convince Paul to keep the faith during the investigation. Nick and Phyllis discussed Nikki's fling with Arturo. Nick worried about Victor finding out, so he asked Phyllis to please keep it a secret. Later, Nick confronted Nikki, who confessed that she and Victor had an open marriage. Mariah accused Sharon of having feelings for Nick again, but she denied it. Lily made an emotional pitch to Hilary, asking her not to co-parent with Devon.

Hilary remained unmoved and told Lily that she and Devon were moving forward with their plans. Paul was swayed by J.T.'s determination and agreed to let him continue his investigation of Victor. Arturo promised Nick that he would not to hurt Nikki, but Nick remained unconvinced.

Watch For: A shocking secret is revealed. Paul and Christine close in on a suspect. Victoria receives a chilling warning.