Jamaican hotel mix-up

May 11, 2017

Well mi deh ya same way up inna Orange Man Lan (him still a gwaan wid bare antics up ya). But, of course, unu still sen mi di mixup dem fram Jamaica.

Suh unu tan tuddy mek mi bax unu wid da one ya.

Suh yuh have dis hotel a Jamaica weh a some Spanish speaking farina run it. One a di Spanish speaking farina, a man, who is married an have big post a di hotel, staat inna tings wid one a di Jamaican workers dem.

Dem shell out nuff slappings an sitin-sitin. Wateva di Jamaican woman a gi him sweet him soh much dat him nuh hitch wid di money, him always a sen on.

Him also look out fi har pon di job an mek sure she get treated favourably. Soh she en up a get treated like a queen.




Anyways, di Jamaican woman goh pinch har fren an gi har all a di details bout she an di Spanish manager. Somehow di news lef di fren an goh reach anneda fren who is NOT fren wid di Jamaican woman who a sort out di Spanish manager.

Wen da fren deh hear waa gwaan she decide fi neatly draw fi di Spanish man too. Eventually she succeed an staat put it on pon him too.

She mek sure she do some wickida tings wid di Spanish manager weh mash up him head.

Mi hear seh she woulda kill him wid style, upside dung, goggle, squeeze an release, all di Ishawna style "bumpa to yuh Forehead"!!

She gwaan wid some oda sitin weh mi cyaan mention ya suh, but use unu imagination. Freak tun up!!! Mi hear seh wen dem a dweet she all bad him up certain way weh him love.

Di end result now is dat di Spanish manager staat pree di new woman who a dash out di betta wine. An fi mek matters worse, di fus Jamaican woman who did a sort him out, somehow fi har man, a Jamaican who nuh work a di hotel, goh hear say she a bun him wid di Spanish manager.

Him move to har bout it an she bring dung God an tell him lie say nuttin nuh goh soh. Now she a pree har fren weh she tell say a she mek di news reach back har man.

But, how mi a get it, is dat a di same fren of di fren weh staat freak out di manager arrange fi di fus woman man find out weh she a do.

In oda words, di fren a di fren hear waa gwaan fi di fus Jamaican woman an staat bad mind har an waan wa she a get.

A soh she staat deal wid di manager too, an arrange fi di woman man hear, jus fi get har out. An guess wa, di bad mind, top freak, fren-a-di-fren have fi har own Jamaican man too!!! Aay sah.

A guess di moral a di story is wen yuh a screechy an a do yuh ting, doan tell nobaddy!!! Not even yuh bes fren!! As ole time people say, doan mek yuh right han know wa yuh lef han a do.

Awright, if unu have any more hotel mixup unu try sen dem to mi quick quick!!


A leggomentz ya now. See unu nex Thursday. Bless.

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