Kalado, Masicka continue to wage war

November 20, 2015

As Kalado and Masicka continue to trade lyrical blows on social media with back-to-back 'diss' songs, both artistes are also trying their best to discredit each other in interviews.

Masicka, who recently released a 'diss' song called Eaton in which he pokes fun at Kalado's real name, Eton Gordon, told The weekend STAR his career is hotter than Kalado's. He also denied packing bags at Springs Plaza, in Half-Way Tree, before getting his break in the music industry

"Ask the street, Kalado or Masicka? Who hotter? The online poll that do the other day show say 92 per cent ah say Masicka win the war. It come in like bruck life a get to him brain. He is 31 and still don't achieve nothing out of music. I would make up stories like him, too, to get attention. Him fi remember say him is almost the same age as most veterans," he said

Kalado has since counteracted Masicka's effort with a single, Fishy Reptile Killing, explaining his name is pronounced 'eh-ton'. He also toyed with Masicka's crocodile moniker, saying crocodiles are known to 'eat man'.

"When I broke in music I was 29 so what? Yu notice all now him cyah deny what him baby-mother sey him duh inside the bedroom? And mi hope the fans dem go pon the STAR page and read it, a straight facts mi guh inna di war, and this man a mek up information. Him have some bias thing a gwaan pon social media, but that don't reflect the real facts. He is a social-media artiste so they will be biased for him on social media. A which career him have? Because, to me, it don't happen for him yet ... di way the last song mash him up a pure media interview him a duh for damage control," Kalado said.

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