Charly B pleased with Prophesies Untold video

November 27, 2015
Charly B

Reggae-singing Frenchman Charley B, is excited about the video for his song 'Prophesies Untold' which has been out on YouTube for a couple weeks.

The singer, who has studied and embraced reggae, dancehall and Jamaican culture, feels very proud about the final product.

Prophecies Untold is being distributed by VPAL, a subsidiary of VP Records and is available on iTunes and Spotify as well as other media. Following the release of the single in October, the video was shot at several locations in Jamaica and released globally this month by VP records.

So far the viewing public has reacted positively to the final product that has attracted a few thousand views on YouTube, said the singer, born Charles Blanvillain. "Every day we get more subscribers on the YouTube. It a grow every day. We got about 5,000 views in a week and we no start floss it yet. It has been very positive," he said.

adopted country

Charly B said the video, in many ways, tells a typical life story in Jamaica. "You will see me a step with me bredren dem and when we de pan the corner a ease up and when me a chill out pan the beach wid mi girl," he said of the video. The video also shows him carrying a large Jamaican flag fluttering in the breeze, a demonstration of his love for his adopted country.

All of this, he said, has been made possible by his management team, the Tower Music Media Group TMMG. "Me really happy to be working with TMMG and to show the world my love for Jamaica, mi really feel nice about it," he said.

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