Deejay, dancer get Shaq endorsement

November 27, 2015
File Shaquille O'Neal
Don Andre
Renae 6:30


Popular dancer Renae 6:30 and dancehall artiste Don AndrÈ were recently the hot topic on social media after legendary NBA star Shaquille O'Neal photoshopped his head on the body of Renae 6:30 as she danced to Don Andre's explicit single Needle Eye.

The video which was later uploaded on popular US Website, sees Renae 6:30 performing a split along with other acrobatic moves. However, her head is replaced with that of a smiling Shaquille O'Neal.

The NBA great, who has dabbled with acting and stand-up comedy since returning from competitive basket ball, shared the video to entertain his more than two million fans on Instagram. However, Don AndrÈ and Renae 6:30 and are grateful for the publicity due to Shaquille's huge audience.

"It's a very overwhelming feeling to see my music going out to various places and reaching new nations and breaking into other cultures.

"Needle Eye went number one in Costa Rica and that was also a good feeling because it's my first number-one record. I am very, very, very grateful for Shaq's endorsement because not a lot of dancehall artistes get a chance to be on that platform you can't pay for that.

"That's what we are all working for ... for dancehall music to be recognised on the mainstream by celebrities all over the world," Don AndrÈ told The Weekend STAR.

Renae 6:30 who won Female Dancer of the Year at the 2014's STAR People's Choice told The Weekend STAR that she has been breaking barriers with her work.

"The way mi happy, mi can't even explain. For a big star like Shaq to put up the video that is a great accomplishment, just like when Rihanna did the 'Puppy Tail' dance move, which I created. I found Shaq's video very funny, and a lot of other famous people shared it following his post. This motivates me to even put out more work and set more records for dancing in Jamaica," she said.

Renae 6:30 is part of a trio with other members Nickesha and Sher Rumbar. They are also booked for Sting 2015.

Don AndrÈ, who is also booked for Sting, recently released the music video for a new dance song called Tom Cruise. The effort features Ding Dong and Chi Ching Ching.

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