Lil Wayne sued by his lawyers

December 23, 2015

The year 2015 was definitely not a good one for rapper Lil Wayne.


The rapper was on Monday slapped with a lawsuit filed by the same lawyers he hired to sue Birdman, his former friend and owner of Cash Money Records,  Birdman.


Weezy filed a $51 million lawsuit about 1 year ago, claiming Cash Money owes him $10 million for Tha Carter V in addition to plenty of other unfulfilled payments.


But Weezy's lawyers who have been dealing with the case say the rapper owes them some US$ 375,000 in unpaid legal fees.


They also say they have made several attempts to recover the money from Weezy but have been unsuccessful.


Weezy has had his fair share of money problems this year.


In October, he was slapped with a US$2 million lawsuit by Signature Group, a private jet-leasing company.


In November he gave up his beloved private skate park as collateral for a US$1.5 million loan, which will go towards settling a US$2 million lawsuit.



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