Macka sparks Gospel in dance trend


January 14, 2016
Macka Diamond

Dancehall star Macka Diamond has sparked a new trend in the dancehall with her latest gospel single 'Praise God', featuring Unicorn. Her dancers, dressed in full red-and-white gowns, do choreographed dances, while the song plays in the middle of popular dancehall sessions.

Macka Diamond has single-handedly carved out a new gospel segment in the dancehall arena, and with the recent conversion of Lady Saw, more songs may be in store soon.

"Right now, the selectors are playing it along with Kevin Downswell's You Make Me Stronger. It is like a little gospel segment with my dancers. They are creating a sensation in the dance. It is quite a spectacle!" Macka Diamond said.

The dancers have been dipping and shaking up a storm at events such as Magnum Wednesdays, All Star Thursdays, and Wappings Thursdays.

The song was produced by legendary producer Danny Brownie. In the past, artistes such as Elephant Man and Beenie Man have released and promoted successful gospel singles.

Macka Diamond currently worships at the Greater Works International Ministry, which meets at the Pembroke Hall Primary School. Though she is ministering in dancehall sessions, Macka Diamond is not sure when she will get baptised.

"I am not ready to be baptised yet. I am still learning and preparing for what the future and God may hold for me," she said.

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