Chris Brown dodges criminal charge

January 27, 2016

Chris Brown has managed to dodge a battery lawsuit filed by a woman who claimed he punched her in the face at a Las Vegas party.


The lawsuit was filed earlier this month by Liziane Gutierrez, who claimed Brown punched her as she tried to get into an after-party he was hosting.


The police have thrown out the case, claiming that the complainant doesn't have sufficient evidence to support her claims.


 Liziane Gutierrez also made headlines last summer after she was locked out of Jason Derula's party.


Chris Brown who has been denying the claims made by Gutierrez from the start, has dodged another criminal charge that could do further damage to his image.


Still facing criticisms for his 2009 assault on then girlfriend Rihanna, Brown was recently barred from touring Australia by immigration officials who were pressured by a popular women's rights group.


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