Jay Z sued by perfume company

January 27, 2016

Jay Z has ninety-nine problems and a perfume company is definitely one of them!


Perfume manufacturer Parlaux Fragrances has slapped Jay Z with a lawsuit valued at US$18 million for the artiste's failure to honour a deal he made some three years ago.


In 2013, Parlaux Fragrances and Jay Z partnered to launch a men's perfume called Jay Z Gold, where Jay Z reportedly agreed to use his name and image to market the line.


Jay Z agreed to make social media posts and promotional appearances at events to market the new line but refused to do so.


The company claims that the "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" artiste was also contracted to help promote some follow-up perfume lines that never materialized because the artiste failed to attend meetings for the products' development.


Paralux Fragrances claims they have lost some US$50 million in expected income and says stores have been returning unsold perfumes.




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