Deejay with over 50 face piercings rejected at airport

January 29, 2016

Lanmine, the dancehall deejay who went viral after piercing his face in over 40 different places, was recently prevented from boarding a flight when his face piercings set off airport metal detectors.


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The deejay, whose real name is Shorvon McKinson was heading to Antigua to do promotional work with members of his management team Stashment Records.


He told The STAR that he was very surprised when airport officials told him that the rings in his face were actually metal, stating that he made sure to ask for non-metal rings that wouldn't pose problems like the one in question.


"Me do 56 piercings in total. But the first 46 me do mi tell di people dem [piercers] seh me want like Sterling Silver or something weh me can go through airport wid. But the last 10 dem mek mistake and put in metal. When me leave the airport me link the people dem weh do the piercings and dem seh them really sorry because it was a misunderstanding," Lanmine said.


And though airport officials gave Lanmine the opportunity to remove the rings, the deejay said he opted to cancel the tour instead because his piercings were much more valuable.


"The first 46 weh me do, it don't heal as yet much less the last 10. So for me stand up in a airport and a pull out 56 piercings out a face, it's like a joke ting that. And member seh piercings nuh cheap enuh," Lanmine told The STAR.


Stasha his manager and owner of Stashment Records told The STAR that she was a bit disappointed when Lanmine was refused entry, but noted that her company hasn't lost much since Lanmine wasn't hired to do shows in Antigua.


"We just rescheduled everything. The tickets [airplane], the radio shows and everything, so it didn't cost us that much,"  Stasha expressed.


Meanwhile Lanmine has no regrets about his piercings as they have made him more popular.


"People from Africa link me on Facebook saying I'm trending in Africa, people from all over, Antigua, Barbados. And remember when Lanmine a do music from dem long time deh, Lanmine nuh get dem recognition deh. Remember me and Fambo do a song called It's Creepin and people tek on to it but it never do so well like this new song called Touch Yuh Heart weh a gwaan extremely well inna di dance," Lanmine said.









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