Father of popular comedienne found dead in their home

February 08, 2016

Popular comedienne Wally British is asking for prayers at this time as her dad, with whom she lived in Florida was found dead in his bedroom on Saturday.

The 'Red Flag' comedienne, whose real name is Susan Williams took to Facebook to ask her followers for their prayerful support.

"On the road on a show and just get a call say my father was found dead in his room by my son. A mi an mi fadda live. Please pray for my strength," she wrote.

More than 2000 of her fans have since used the social network to express condolences.

"Omg my condolences to you and your family will be praying for you.may God strengthen you through your time of grief," one of her followers commented.

"This is horrifying news. So sorry to hear. I pray that God will give you the strength and comfort you will need to get through this time," another wrote.

The death of Williams' dad came a day before her birthday.

The STAR has not yet ascertained the cause of death.

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