February 13, 2016
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G Blunt

Veteran dancehall artiste General B has denied allegations made by up-and-coming recording artiste/songwriter G Blunt that he has been stalking him and his girlfriend.

According to G Blunt, General B and his spouse were once lovers, but the veteran deejay is finding it difficult to move on following their break-up.

G Blunt, who spoke to THE STAR recently, says he has been stalked by General B for over a year, even during the woman's pregnancy. He also said he narrowly escaped a physical confrontation with the artiste.

"A mi woman, right now she five months pregnant. Him and har done lef and everything, but all him a duh a send threat bout ray, ray, ray. Him stop follow mi pon Facebook, him a tag people inna mi picture. Him all a tell Lexus and Elephant Man seh a dah youth deh," he said.

The artiste says he does not consider the matter serious enough to file a police report. However, he just wants to live in peace with his babymother.

"If I was him I would leave her alone because mi done see she seh she nuh love mi. She wants the relationship to be over, but him still a call, so it's like he is an obsessed likkle bredda. Everyday yuh sey yuh have so much hot gyal, so give up. Him all a seh him wi tek har back with the pregnancy. It nah look good seh wi a fight over gyal so mi want it fi done," he said.

worse thing

However, when contacted, General B told THE STAR that he did not know G Blunt. The veteran also said he is in a committed relationship.

"Mi nuh know what him a talk bout. Mi have mi wife and mi not even know what is a G Blunt. Mi used to talk to a girl bout two years ago, but any girl mi lef mi nuh guh back deh so. Is the worse thing a man cudda duh to mi because mi is a family man. Right now a me and mi family out," said a seemingly upset General B, who is currently promoting a new singles Party Time, The Thing A Work and Say My Name.

Meanwhile, G Blunt, who is largely a ghostwriter, is gearing up to release his debut mixtape, Tri-State Thugs.

"Is the maddest thing weh a come a road. East Kingston's finest and wi a drop it inna April and it will be hosted by Stone Love with 21 songs," he said.

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