Charly B making his mark in music

March 09, 2016
Charly B

Charly B's stock continues to rise. With a new single called Eyes Dem Red now out, the French-born reggae/dancehall entertainer is steadily building a reputation for himself, and the evidence is there to support the claim.

The video for his debut single, Prophecies Untold, now has more than 30,000 views on YouTube, which is not bad for a relatively new reggae artiste. Beyond Jamaica's shores, the song has found favour in some European markets.

Prophecies Untold recently hit number one on Germany's Radio Russelshiem. This has now set the stage for the release of his new single which was produced by TMMG and is being distributed by VPAL on several digital platforms.

"Eyes Dem Red is a song where I express my love for the herbs," he told THE STAR, explaining that the song is similar but different to Prophecies Untold. "I wrote Prophecies Untold for Jamaica to create a culture shock and show the world how music has the power to unite the people and break any frontier."

Regionally, Charly B, who has shared stages with other seasoned exponents of reggae such as Anthony B and Capelton, has also been making a mark among fans of the genre. He has been booked to perform at the Bankie Banx Moon Splash Festival in Anguilla on April 23. Before that, he is down to perform at the 2016 Kite Festival in Priory, St Ann on March 28.

The singer, who along with the Tower Band, made a huge impression on fans at the Bob Marley Redemption Concert at Sabina Park on February 7, will also be busy with the extremely popular RJR Cross Country road shows that are set to begin on March 12 and end in early April.

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