March 23, 2016

Entertainer Spice is today counting her blessings after narrowly missing the terrorist attack at an airport in Brussels, Belgium, yesterday.

The singer, who was on a month-long tour in Europe, left the country on Sunday and had arrived safely in Jamaica when the bombing occurred. But this is not the entertainer's first close call with terrorism, as she was in Paris, France, in November last year when that country was also attacked by terrorists.

When asked if she thinks these close encounters are a sign of a higher calling, a grateful Spice said: "I just think that I'm highly favoured and that I'm blessed, you know. I'm a girl that's always praying, always asking God to keep me on my journey. So I'm extremely grateful that he led me in the right direction and took me home a day before the attack."

She added, "Just like the Paris attacks when I was also nearby when it was happening. I'm feeling blessed that God is just always with me, and I know that from the start that no matter what, he always has me."

Spice also told THE STAR that she wasn't scheduled to leave Brussels when she did because she still had a few shows there, but says she cannot explain why she just decided to abort those events and return home.

"If you look on my Instagram page, the tour wasn't supposed to finish until after the 19th, and funny enough, I cancelled the show on the 19th, so I could make that flight (on Sunday). Everybody was on me like, 'no that can't happen', but I was like 'no I have to leave that day' and I stuck to it," she said, noting that her flight was scheduled to depart around the same time the bombing took place.

"Even my fiancÈ was like 'why would you cancel that one show', and I just followed my gut, so I'm just applauding myself too for following my gut, and coming home earlier than expected."

Despite her close encounter, Spice said she is not afraid of visiting Belgium in the future.

"I travel worldwide and you can never truly know where the next terror attack will be, so I just have to continue to walk with God by my side."

With the European tour that took her to places like Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, and Netherlands now out of the way, Spice is getting ready for a series of shows in the UK. She is booked to perform at the O2 Academy in Oxford on April 29, and O2 Academy in Brixton on April 30.

Spice is currently promoting several new singles, including Inna Mi Pocket on the Armzhouse Music imprint, Marijuana on the Cashflow label, and the RDX-produced Sight And Wine on the Apartment 19 label.

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