JR blessington emabarks on US tour


April 22, 2016
Contributed Jr Blessington

Reggae artiste JR Blessington will embark on a tour of major cities in the US, based on the strength of his Jamming to Africa single which is getting a buzz stateside.

"I am giving thanks to the Almighty for all blessings as I trod on my spiritual journey spreading righteousness. Jamming to Africa is doing great in international markets, opening doors for I to grow more. I am rehearsing right now for the River Nile to tour the USA with singer Milton Blake," he said.

The single will be one of the featured songs on his soon-to-be-released EP, 'Hope', produced by Omar Currie of Smartkid Records and US-based C-Town Records. Jamming to Africa is also one of the top songs on the Majestic rhythm, which features heavyweight acts such as Lutan Fyah and Zamunda.

"Two of my songs, Calm Down and Living By Faith have been selected for rotation on theupbeatdancershow.com, which airs on Real TV WUAB which is available in 13 commercial markets in the US and Canada. It shows that positive lyrics can make an impact, right now, mi have a busy road ahead, Jah ah lead the way," he said.

Born Junior Bailey, JR Blessington is originally from Silent Hill, Christiana, Manchester. A gifted footballer, he lived in Kingston in his early teens before migrating to the USA in his late 20s.

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