Celeb moms get public approval

May 07, 2016
Yendi Phillipps
Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw

This Mother's Day THE STAR wanted to do something out of the box for a special tribute to our entertainers/popular media personalities who are mothers. We took to the streets of downtown Kingston recently to hear what ordinary Jamaicans think of our celebrity mothers. THE STAR wants to wish all our female artistes who are mothers a Happy Mother's Day, and we hope these words from your fellow Jamaicans put a smile on your faces.

Tamara on Spice as a mother: Spice now is a strong black woman and I like her. I like what she portrays as a women. People might underestimate her by her dancehall criteria, but I don't think she portrays that at home in front of her kids so for me I'd give her 8/10 for being a good mother.

Marcia British on D'Angel as a mother: D'Angel is a good mother because she takes care of her son. She always talks about him so that makes her a good mom for me and a good role model.

Elaine on Yendi: Based on what I see from her I think she's a good mother. I use to watch her on Smile Jamaica and I think she's a good influence, she's a jovial person and she carries herself well. I think if her daughter take her footsteps she will grow up to be a good young lady.

Ras Blondie on Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw: Big up Lady Saw. As much as she nuh have no children, she a real mother. She adopt alot of kids weh she a take care of, send dem go a school, pay dem bills and everything. Lady Saw you a real mother inna real life.

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