Mr G, deejay clash over contract

May 14, 2016
Mr G
Mr G

Up-and-coming dancehall artiste Blakkman is asking veteran deejay Mr G who acts as his manager to release him from a five-year management contract, as he does not believe Mr G has been efficient.

Blakkman is currently riding high with the recent collaboration Miss You So Much featuring close friend Dexta Daps, and he believes he could have been better off without Mr G's contract.

"I have been signed to him from 2015 March. So it's one year now and I am not seeing any progress from his side of the coin. The deal was a collaboration with him another party Island Jam Records, and even they feel like nothing is being done to enhance my career," he said.

Blakkman said, in addition to his dormant management skills, Mr G is reluctant to support projects that he tries to push on his own.

"The song with Dexta Daps is doing well and we filmed a video for the song. However, when I invited Mr G to the shoot, he said that he does not want to support the video because it has nothing to do with him. Now tell me, what kinda manager is this? Right now, I can't even get a show if a nuh Dexta Daps call mi up," he said.

Anticipating the cliche ungrateful argument often positioned by Jamaican managers when they fallout with artistes, Blakkman begged to differ.

"Dem can't seh mi ungrateful if a better mi want. I have given him numerous chances to do work and he always seh he will do some work, and nothing still nuh happen. Free mi up and let me do my thing," Blakkman said.

deliberately refused

However, Mr G who has assisted other local talents before Blakkman, said he deliberately refused to invest in the artiste for the past three months. The veteran said he noticed that other persons were trying turn Blakkman against him because they saw his potential.

"Mi notice that everybody start tell him things since mi discover him. So mi decide to stop work for three months because none of them were interested in him before I started to invest," Mr G told THE STAR. "So I wanted to see if within those three months they would enhance his career, and as expected, it boil down to nothing. When I just met Blakkman he was suffering like dog, not even a pair of shoes pon him feet. Mi shop for him like one of my own kids."

Despite Blakkman's decision to bring the issue to the media, Mr G he will continue to act in capacity as manager and uphold his end of the contract.

"I am not letting go of my investment. Some people wah squeeze me out and give him US$20,000, but ask Mr Vegas, Mad Anju, T.O.K, Aidonia and Vershon who introduce dem to the music. When I started spending money on Blakkman where were these people? We have a five year contract and we are sticking to it. I have no problems with Blakkman, only the people that are getting into his head," Mr G said.

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