Magnum Queen to release song, T-shirt line

June 11, 2016
Magnum Kings and Queen of Dancehall 2016 winner, Climaxx.
Anthony Minott/Freelance Photographer Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall winners, Climaxx (left), and Accid (right) pose with the show's host Yanique.
File Female winner Climaxx (left) and male winner, Accid, show their winning cheques after being crowned Magnum King and Queen of Dancehall

She has only been on the throne for a little more than a week, but the newly crowned Magnum Queen of the Dancehall, Climaxx, is already making moves to claim a place at the top of the industry.

With plans to officially release her Puff and Roll Up single, Climaxx is ready to take the industry by storm.

"Mi ready man. Everybody know say mi lyrical, and a my time now fi mek mi moves and mi a go bring it mek the whole Jamaica see say dem never waste them votes," she said in a recent interview with the STAR.

Climaxx said that, in addition to releasing Puff and Roll Up, she will also be releasing a T-shirt line bearing the phrase from the track.

"I am going to be coming out with some Puff and Roll Up T-shirts, so look out fi dat a drop shortly. Persons can check out my Facebook pages for those designs in the coming weeks to see which one they like and would purchase," she said.

She also plans to release a mix tape as soon as she gets to record some of her more popular songs from the competition.

Towards the final weeks of the competition, Climaxx became the overwhelming favourite to win, but that was not always so. In the earlier stages of the competition, the lyrical dynamite had to fight back from the bottom two on two different occasions. Had she been in the bottom two for a third week, she would have been eliminated before getting the chance to show Jamaica her true potential.

That aside, Climaxx says she has no regrets and is looking forward to making her mark in the industry.

"I have no regrets about entering the competition. The only thing I would have changed is taking the competition and the campaigning a little more serious in the earlier parts because I was in the bottom two twice and that wasn't a nice feeling," she told THE STAR.

With $1 million now in the bank to kick start her career, Climaxx is promising to work hard to make her fans proud.

"It's gonna be just crazy work. I waited a long time before entering the competition. Even when people around me were telling me I had what it took to win I just didn't think the time was right," she said.

"I watched the competition, learnt a few things and then decided it was time to make that move. So now that I have the platform to get myself out there, I'm definitely going to use it."

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