The beat creating beast ...Riddim Boss Seanizzle enjoying success as a producer

June 17, 2016
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Creating music is Seanizzle's first love.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Creating music is Seanizzle's first love.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Creating music is Seanizzle's first love.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Nadj, one of the young entertainers with whom Seanizzle has been working.

... Riddim Boss Seanizzle enjoying success as a producer

Long before he got his first hit song as a recording artiste, Seanizzle was building beats and making a name for himself as a music producer.

Seanizzle, whose given name is Sean Reid, has chalked up hits such as Feelings Dem a Carry and Rasta Party. And in the studio, where he creates beats, Seanizzle, is a beast.

"Many persons may be more familiar with Seanizzle the artiste, but I started out as a producer. That was my first love and I'm blessed to be able to do what I enjoy doing," the Pembroke Hall High School past student said.

The entertainer told THE WEEKEND STAR that during his school days, he would always dedicate his spare time to creating beats.

"I had a natural love for the creative aspect of music," he said.

With a little bit of passion and a whole lot of dedication and drive, Seanizzle transformed his love for creating beats from a hobby into a blossoming career and is today one of the hottest young producers in the business.


A protegE of entertainer Mr G, Seanizzle credits his success to the lessons taught by his mentor.

"Mr G taught me a lot about the business. When I started out, I was creating beats for him. I would put something together and take it to him, and he would listen to it and tell me what he thought," Seanizzle said.

"He didn't make it easy for me. He offered me some constructive criticism. He would tell me when the project was a total flop, and that meant a lot to me because it meant. He had my best interest at heart. It meant that when I did get it right, the riddim would be a hit and I would be a success," Seanizzle continued.

In 2004, Mr G heard the Reverse 'riddim' and told Seanizzle that it would be his breakout project. The riddim featured Beenie Man's Reverse The Ting and Tony Matterhorn's Sidung Pon It, which were two of the hottest songs in dancehall at that time.

Seanizzle, by then, had expansion on his mind. He wanted to establish his own label and build a brand for himself. In 2006, Seanizzle Records was born, and by 2010, Seanizzle Records realized a whole new level of success with the release of its One Day riddim.

The riddim took the dancehall scene by storm and cemented Seanizzle's place as a top producer in the business. It gave Seanizzle Records a huge surge on the local circuit as the tracks on the rhythm I'm Ok - Beenie Man; Nah Sell Out - Khago; Swaggariffic - Mr G; Rum and Red Bull - Beenie Man and Fambo; Don't Tell Nuhbody - Twins of Twins; and Wifey Walk Out - DJ Liquid were all mega hits.

"Seanizzle Records is all about giving the youths a try, so we have several up-and-coming acts who we are working with," Seanizzle explained.

"While we are working with these fresh acts, our studio is not one that is commercialised, so no random person can come off the streets and record with us. We have a set number of persons we're working with right now," he said.

The producer told THE WEEKEND STAR that while he has enjoyed relative success in the field, he believes producers are not given enough recognition for the work that they do.

"Back in the days, producers used to get a lot of attention, but these days, it's the reverse because the artistes are in the spotlight now," he said.

"All we as producers need to do to ensure we get the credit we deserve is put in the work where branding is concerned. Right now, everyone knows about Seanizzle Records because of the work that I have put into branding my business. At the end of the day, that is important because people can associate your brand with quality based on the work you have put in," he said.

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