Reggae Sumfest is Star of The Month


July 01, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Freelance Photographer Romain Virgo
File Spice went all out with her fairy-like costume in 2012. She is one of the big names for this year's event.
Tarus Riley
Joe Bogdanovich

Twenty-three years ago when Reggae Sumfest was born, Jamaica's tourism Mecca was overflowing with excitement.

Rent-a-dreads were out in their numbers and the rented cars were all over main thoroughfares. Hotels and luxury resort villas were also filling up by the hour, and Streetside vendors with their colourful wares erected tents as the 'Greatest Reggae Show on Earth' descended on downtown Montego Bay, St James.

Fast-forward to 2016, and Sumfest has evolved into a wholly Jamaican entertainment product. And this month, Reggae Sumfest will take pride of place as The Star of The Month.

There will be lots of features on artistes performing at this year's renewal of the event.

So, for example, there is reggae crooner Romain Virgo, who will be performing with his own band for the first time at Reggae Sumfest.

Virgo believes in separating himself from the rest by learning all he can, theory-wise, about music.

"I always wanted to do music, but I also wanted to be different or else I would sound like some of the artistes nowadays who just go on stage and sing or perform, but don't understand music, theoretically speaking," he said.

Meanwhile, in addition to the features, grabbing your copy of THE WEEKEND STAR could help you win cool Reggae Sumfest deals.

"July is already a special month for Reggae music, with July 1 being International Reggae Day. This is also a very special year for Sumfest as we transition to a bigger format. Offering this discount is really in celebration of Jamaica's culture and what Reggae Sumfest represents," Josef Bogdanovich, Chairman and CEO of DownSound entertainment, producers of Reggae Sumfest, said.

Persons born during the month of July have earned an automatic qualification for a 10 per cent discount to Reggae Sumfest's week of events this year.

Festival organisers have also stipulated that the offer is extended only to persons 18 years and older.

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