Shizzle Sherlock for UK summer tour


July 08, 2016
File Shizzle Sherlock

Controversial dancehall fashion enigma Shizzle Sherlock, is gearing up for his upcoming tour of the UK.

Often mistaken for a dancer because of his regular appearances at events and music videos. Shizzle Sherlock also wants to set the record straight. "This is an annual tour and I just want them to know that Shizzle is no dancer or selector. I have a unique sense of fashion which puts me above the rest. This gives me the privilege to travel all over the world," he told The STAR.

A frequent collaborator with Baby Cham, Shizzle Sherlock has also hosted his own events in the UK, and has so far held successful staging of parties like Fashion Soak Inna Mi Brain among others.

In addition to features in music videos and events, Shizzle also creates his own slangs among other trends in the hardcore dancehall area. "During my stay in the UK I will be hosting multiple parties. My first appearance will be on July 29 and the tour will conclude on the last week of August," he said.

Shizzle Sherlock is also expected to make a Canada appearance in July as well. "Travelling from country to country and putting in this work is all for my son Lamar. He has changed my life and gives me the motivation to keep pushing forward," he said.

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