Lavish on the Beach to serve up retro music


July 15, 2016
Well-known Portland businessmen Collin Bell and Bobby Armstrong hangout during last year's staging of Lavish on the Beach.

The Sea Bell Resort in Hope Bay, Portland, promises to serve up pure excitement next week Sunday, July 24, with the fourth staging of Lavish on the Beach.

"It is the number one party in Portland now," promoter Everold Wilson told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Signature sound, Stone Love, piloted by DJ Crazy Chris, Bigga 5, and a host of other selectors will serve up the music.

Everold said that Lavish on the Beach is a 12-12 retro-style party that will satisfy patrons' taste for good fun and sweet music. In addition, Wilson said that the venue will make the event more special, adding that "the setting is very nice".

It is the first time that the party will be held, at Sea Bell Resort. Last year, it was staged at the Errol Flynn Marina, and Wilson said patrons left satisfied.

Sea Bell Resort is located next to Somerset Falls, some eight miles from Port Antonio. To ease the burden of travel, a shuttle service will be in place to transport patrons from Port Antonio to the venue.

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