Juggling instead of clashing at World Vibes

August 04, 2016
Patrick Planter Di Unit playing at World Vibes

World Vibes 2016 was billed as a sound clash under the Dream Weekend banner. However, aside from Canada-based sound system Rebel Tone, the selectors came out in the mood to entertain patrons and steered clear of a musical warfare.

Booked on the line-up was Foota Hype, Boom Boom, Tony Matterhorn and Red Heat. However, the bulk of the audience turned out extremely late, possibly tired from the high energy Xtreme Wet and Wild water party which was held earlier.

Nevertheless, Di Unit sound system, which was booked as host for the night, kept the audience occupied by playing several hits from the '90s. The first battle sound system, Boom Boom and Harry Hype, performed at 2 a.m., and instead of disrespecting their peers as is customary for a clash, the selectors paid homage to Tony Matterhorn, labelling the selector as a mentor. Boom Boom then played several popular songs and managed to get the people dancing. In the process, he also temporarily erased the prospect of a clash since he was not giving any form of attention to the other sound systems as if to start a war.


His set was well received, after which he made way for Rebel Tone. Rebel Tone claimed it was in a war mood and proceeded to play several dubplates aimed at popular selectors on the bill. The audience seemed to appreciate the set and gave favourable responses where necessary, however, they were back to being tired spectators.

Red Heat came next, and it too, started with a slew of dubplates. However, after seeing that the audience was not really feeling the song selection, the St Elizabeth-based sound system changed the momentum, playing some exciting dancehall music. They gradually won over the audience and exited on a high note.

Tony Matterhorn was next and he seemed in a good mood, having had a blast at Xtreme Wet and Wild. He, too, steered clear of warfare and played songs to get the ladies dancing. The selector also performed a few of his songs and stated that he was not going to clash but show his class. The audience reacted at his command and he effortlessly stole the show with his overall performance.

Foota Hype did not play on the night. However, Badda Bling and Di Unit made sure he wasn't left out by making jokes about his failed relationship with Ishawna via dubplates. At least one sound system left the venue claiming victory out of a clash that never materialised, but Tony Matterhorn told THE STAR there could be no winner without a real battle.

"I don't know what kind of clash because no clash never gwaan. After me play and Di Unit, by that next sound came out to play, everybody left the venue, even the media, so I don't know what kinda clash dem win or who dem did a clash wid," he said.

Patrons leaving the venue did not seemed bothered by presentation, as they danced up a storm through each set. There were also performances from Kid Kurrupt and Tommy Lee Sparta.

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