Omari Banks not focussed on cricket


August 05, 2016
Contributed Omari Banks

With the West Indies cricket team drawing the Test match against India at Sabina Park on Wednesday, former Windies off-spinner Omari Banks is feeling no pangs of nostalgia to don the all-whites of his old playing days again.

"Those days are over," he said, laughing. "That cricket thing, never, nah, nah, nah (laughing) dem days deh over, no more of that. Right now is strictly music ... strictly music."

What is regional cricket's loss is reggae music's gain as the rocker is setting the world afire with his latest single, System Set, which features Duane Stephenson. The song is an elegant critique of the institutional racism that first shackled the feet and hands of black slaves, but now shackles the minds of people of colours all over the diaspora.

"I was driving and listening to the radio, and there was a programme where people were expressing their discontent with what was going on in the world regarding finance and equal opportunity for all nationalities, and I thought to myself that we really should have progressed more as a human race in 2016 than we have," he said.

He said that even though great strides had been made since the Civil Rights era, certain fundamental problems remain, products of a corrupt, uncaring system designed to benefit a certain segment of the population.

The single hit the FIWI Choice Top Ten charts, which airs on TVJ, this week. The video has generated more than 20,000 views in two weeks and is now in rotation on HYPE TV, FLOW TV, RETV and TVJ.

He can be followed on Twitter @omaribanks11.

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