Etana gets Caribbean buzz with single


August 19, 2016

Reggae superstar Etana is all smiles these days. Her latest single, The Way I Are - a scathing critique on body modification by women - has gone viral since its release, racking up hundreds of thousands of views online.

"I am just grateful that the song has been so well received. The Way I Are has been playing all over the world, the response has been phenomenal," Etana said.

She unveiled far-advanced plans to shoot a video to promote the single in the Caribbean and the wider diaspora, by using the song to make a political statement about the body image of women.

"I am going to do a dance video with women from all over the Caribbean, doing their different indigenous dance moves, to show the beauty of the female form. L'Antoinette Stines has a dance group developed by dance groups all over the Caribbean. They are trying to link the Caribbean dance groups together and show the strength of the Caribbean woman, a movement I support," she said. "We don't need to try to fit into narrow stereotypes of how a woman should look. We should not objectify ourselves to please men, so we're going to create a dance video for women, appreciating the way they are for The Way I Are. It is a celebration of culture, ethnicity and womanhood."

After this cultural experiment, Etana's management team will also shoot a traditional video.

"We are going to do an official video to further promote the song using images from the dance video, as well as images of me performing the song," she said.

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