Stevie Face not into representational politics


September 07, 2016
Stevie Face

Reggae artiste Stevie Face has denied recent reports that he plans to pursue a career in politics.

The St Thomas-born entertainer, who was recently invited to be a part of the People's National Party's Western St Thomas constituency executive, has no desire to participate in representational politics.

"Since my appointment to the executive, rumours have been going around that I will be the candidate for the PNP in the Western St Thomas constituency in the next general elections, but this is far from the truth. I have no desire to participate in representational politics. I reside in the US, so there's no way I could run for any public office in Jamaica. However, I am willing to do anything I can for the party and the people of St Thomas without having to run for office," said the singer, born Anwar Hanchard. "Marsha Francis is the PNP caretaker for Western St Thomas, she's a very close friend of mine, and she has my support, 100 per cent."

Francis confirmed that since her appointment as caretaker for the constituency, "Stevie has always given me his full support and I know he will continue to do so".

Stevie Face is focusing on the growth of his Advance Service Station chain, which has locations in St Thomas and St Mary. He also operates three vehicle alignment centres under the Advance brand that are located in Kingston, St Thomas and St Mary.

"The service stations and the alignment centres are doing well; business is very good. I'm getting ready to open another alignment centre before the end of the year; this one will be in Mandeville," he said.

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